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Mar, 21, 2021 at 9:18am EDT | Sponsored by Rejutech

Have you ever doubted about the effectiveness of your skincare products? Congratulations! You are wise and you need to read this story about how I found out today’s technology for skincare:



The last flight I was on, I sat next to a stunning lady (who I’m pretty sure was some kind of KOL or youtuber! ). She was exotic, beautiful, and had great complexion with amazing skin!

As I was exhausted, I fell into sleep right after the plane took off until the flight attendants serving food. I surprisingly found that the lady next to me was not watching a movie but doing a face massage or a kind of facial treatment with an electronic device. I could see there was red led light emitting to her face from the device.

“Is that a skincare device?” I could not help asking her.

“Oh, yes! It is very useful and I use it at home and it’s a must-have when I travel.” She smiled and said to me.

“What does it use for?” I asked.

“It helps me to firm and enhance skin texture, to improve skin elasticity. Can you see the red led light? It is good for reducing wrinkles and spots! It actually lightens my load because I don’t need to bring as many beauty products.” She replied.

“Yep, you skin looks perfect! That’s the skin texture I always dream of!” I said.

“Really? I’m so flattered” She smiled. It was one of the most impressive smiles that I have ever seen. It was so charming and lovely!

Then, she patiently told me how she took care her skin every day, the diet she ate and the exercises she did. “What? Is that just simple?” I thought. I didn’t think it differed from what I did at all. I suspected the secret was the device so I kept asking:

“Where did you buy it?”

“It was a gift from my friend who is a singer. I just put it away at first because I have tried similar

products before without any effect. Finally, I was told that the key is in the wavelength of the LEDs. Only specific wavelength of lights has therapy function.”

I had no idea about wavelength she talked about and I admit that I am weak at Physic but I am not stupid – I wrote down the brand “ Rejutech“ labeled on the device immediately.

After a long 10 hours later, and we were touching down when the cabin lights turned on. I knew I was a mess, as I always am on long flights, so I was pretty used to it by now. But when I turned to look at the lady next to me, she still looked like an absolute stunner! Is she even a real person?

“I’m gonna have a live streaming at airport. Hope to see you in my channel!” She said. And off she went in a rush with her perfect skin and hair, swaying back and forth as if she was in a slow-motion skincare commercial.

On the way from the airport to my home, I placed the online order from Rejutech. Starting using it over a week ago and I have already noticed a small difference in my skin. I have an annoying dark spot on my cheek from years of being laying in the sun and tanning beds. Between using my normal skincare moisturizers along with this tool between the red light at night, and blue light during the day my dark spot has drastically lightened and I feel my skin has a more “youthful glow” to it! The wrinkles look smoother and my skin is firm and elastic like 5 years ago! Also love all the settings between cleansing, nourishing & warming I feel my skincare is really being absorbed better!

Well, I knew that she was a KOL named “Bianca” (if I did not get it wrong) but I can’t find out her channel in YouTube or other platforms until today. I would like to thank her for introducing me this amazing product and I will definitely subscribe her channel in future

How come it is so effective? It is too good to be true! I decided to go online to do a little bit research.

Red light boosts blood flow while spurring the production of collagen and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), improving skin tone and texture. The best range of wavelength of red light for therapy is 630nm-640nm, with approximately 80% of the energy being absorbed in the first 2cm and work in combination to create a regenerating effect in aging skin.

Blue lights (400-480 nanometers) directs it close to the surface of the skin and penetrates deeper than the red light. It works in two ways:

1.    By killing the bacteria in and around the sebaceous glands, which generate oil

2.   By making the sebaceous glands produce less oil overall

The light actually destroys the DNA in Propionibacterium acnes, the bacterium that causes acne and its accompanying inflammation. By stopping bacteria at its source, the blue light can reduce acne and prevent future acne from forming. Preventing acne leads to less scarring in the future. Reducing oil and stabilizing oil glands keep the skin looking healthier overall.

Few LEDs manufacturers are able to make the core LED emitting the light exactly within the specific wavelength. It also requires special circuit design to overcome the bottleneck in maintaining the light in stable and consistent.

Olivia Munn

Tons of celebs like Olivia Munn rely on a beauty secret that keeps her skin young and elastic — LED light therapy

“I have my own facial set up, I've got the professional-grade products and machines, and any girlfriend that comes over to the house, I love doing facials with them,” the Rook actress told in October 2018. “But one of the best things is the red and blue light therapy. The red light helps develop collagen and repair things inside, and the blue light is good for killing bacteria and things like that. And I keep a zapper with me whenever I go anywhere, because if you get a little pimple here or there, just zap it off."                                                                                                                                                                                                              Source:

Find out more stories about celebs adopting LED light therapy:

Chrissy Teigen, Martha Hunt, Kristin Cavallari, Lena Dunham, Emma Stone, Kate Hudson, Carole Radziwill, Kourtney Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Jessica Alba

Deep cleaning with massage

Based on the ion principle, the residual oil, dust and cosmetics in pores can be sucked out during makeup removal. 

Introducing nutrients 

The facial massager can effectively introduce the nutrients in skin care products into the skin, increasing the effectiveness of your skin cares.

EMS micro-current lifting

Stimulate facial muscles through a weak current, which can eliminate edema, diminish wrinkles, lift the skin, and make your face firmer and more refined.

LED Light Therapy

Red light waves can effectively penetrate the skin, activate collagen activity, and improve dark spots. Blue wave improves acne and blackheads.

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